Demotivational Posters Round 35

Welcome back to Vertical and Wasting Oxygen. I've changed the site a little since my last set of Demotivators. I got rid of links to people who never post, I added links to some neat blogs I've been following for a while, I added links to webcomics I've been following for a little while to decide whether or not they make the cut for my list, and I've added links to web publication of traditional pen-and-paper comics.
As you can see, I've got another set of Demotivators up! Also, if you look at the post immediately below this one, you'll find I'm running a little contest. See if you can figure out my devious little puzzle.
If you have any webcomics or traditional comics you think I'm missing, leave a comment with the relevant site, and feel free to leave comments relevant to the demotivators as well.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


Contest One

Welcome back. I've made some changes to the site. I got rid of links to friends who never update. I added links to some nifty blogs I've been following for a while. I added some webcomics that were on probation to the list, and I added a whole list of traditional pen-and-paper comics.
There are more demotivators in the works, but for now I'm going to do something different. A contest. Here are the rules. The image here is a Christmas puzzle. The first person to post the solution in the comments section along with a mailing addy wins one thousand internets and gets a prize sent to them. I'm still figuring out what the prize is, but there will be one. Nobody who was at my house this evening is allowed to post the answer, and I would request that those dozen people not give out the answer. Ready? Steady. Go!


Demotivational Posters Round 34

There are two more new sets posted below this one, so once you read these five, keep scrolling!

Demotivational Posters Round 33

There's another new set below this one! Keep scrolling!

Demotivational Posters Round 32

This round started with my coming up with 4 new demotivators, then drying up for a bit. Since the most images blogger will allow me to include in a given post is 5, that has become my otherwise arbitrary definition of a "set". Of course, when I got the fifth one, I got three more along with it, and so I was stuck with eight, two shy of two sets. Then I got one more. And then last night I got 4 more, and ideas for another half dozen. So, after bringing my total completed up to 15, I can give you three full sets, and I've still got a couple to work on. Funny, the way inspiration works sometimes.
I hope you appreciate these, or even enjoy them. As always, feel free (read: encouraged) to leave comments, suggestions, the usual.


Motivational Posters Round 31

I am becoming convinced that MediaCom and RentIowaTech hold a contradictory view on my natural, God-given right to attempt to fry my own computer. Now many of you know that the internet service I "receive" through these two entities sucks to begin with. However, I've come to notice a disturbing pattern. Every time a storm of any significance comes through town, I am guaranteed to completely lose service, at my provider's end of things, not mine, for a minimum of twelve hours. I envision in my head an ugly hack combining a doppler radar, an enormous knife-switch, and a half-eaten tuna and gorgonzola sammich.
Anywho, new demotivators are up, obviously. If you take the time to read this, please note that immediately below this post is a set of newly-posted collaboration demotivators as well, likely pushed off the bottom of your screen by this posting. Check them out. Unless you live in Nebraska, and like it there, chances are you'll enjoy them. My collaborator and I certainly had fun making them.
As always, leave comments (for both my set and the collaborative effort) to let us know you stopped by. We appreciate the feedback. No, not that kind of feedback. . .(throws giant knife-switch attached to a sound-board, speakers, and a half-eaten peanut-butter-and-pickle sammich ).


Collaboration Demotivators

Welcome back to V&WO! Today's demotivational posters are a collaboration between myself and a guest demotivator, a good friend of mine, on a subject near and dear to his heart. Enjoy! And for those of you patiently waiting, there is a new set of demotivators nearly complete, and I hope to have them out by the end of the week. Thanks for coming, stay a while, and leave a comment :)


Motivational Posters Round 30

Gentles and Ladymen, welcome back once again. I've got a new set of demotivators up for your viewing pleasure. Please comment on them - comments make me happy :)
I'm sure some of you will sympathize with me over some of these. I'm equally sure some of you will be irritated or offended by them. So what else is new?
I think in the near future I may have to do a demotivator on flooding - Ames is near enough ready to just float away. If I don't post again for a while, it may be that my computer is simply underwater.
The fine chap who sent me the guest demotivators a while ago has sent me a new one, and is working towards a new set that I should be able to post soon! Hooray!
Until then, enjoy!


Motivational Posters Round 29

More posters for your viewing delight, some of them (sadly) inspired by recent events in the lives of some of my friends. I'll leave it to your imagination to believe which ones you will.

As always, leave comments. I know some of you have been waiting for a post for a while - comments keep them coming faster and more reliably.

Thanks for the comments and for your readership (faithful, erratic, or accidental as it may be)


Motivational Posters Round 28

Finally, more demotivators for you to love, revile, be confused by or be ambivalent towards. Hooray! (or "boo!" or "hunh?" or "meh")
Thanks, as always, for coming by the site. Tell your friends - I like site hits! Please leave comments, and let me know what you think.
And, as always, feel free to leave suggestions for future demotivators. I'm always in the market for ideas. Peace!


Guest Demotivators

A friend of mine recently decided to have some fun with the Motivational Poster Generator I link to, here on the blog. These are his efforts, which he requested I post anonymously. I think he did a great job, and I hope you enjoy them.

More of my demotivators are on the way (4 done, just want to get one more for a full set). Thank you to those who have left messages encouraging me to post again. Also, if you haven't noticed, I've updated the lists of blogs and comics I enjoy, and will be modifying them more here in the coming weeks.