Demotivational Posters Round 38

I'm basically guaranteed to anger somebody with this post. That in and of itself makes me several kinds of happy. Hello, and welcome back to the blog. Sorry it's been so long since I've posted - no excuse.
A couple quick nods to a pair of guys who have noted me or linked to me on their own blogs in the last couple months:
http://web.me.com/wcywhite/W_/Home.html - winton is a talented musician, check him out
http://crujonessociety.com/ - kind of a 'things we think are cool' aggregate - potentially NSFW
Thanks for the publicity, guys!
And a quick plug for one of my friends: http://www.setapartphotography.com/ Check out his mad photo skills!
As always, leave comments. It's nice knowing someone's out there.


Demotivational Posters Round 37

Welcome back to Vertical and Wasting Oxygen. Today's set is themed, much like the Nebraska collaboration a while back. This one was actually fairly difficult to put together, given the number of things which could have been said about Alcoholism, the many ways (both clever and banal) they've been said, and the literally thousands of funny alcohol-related pictures out there to use.
For the record, don't get me wrong. I love alcohol. Great stuff. I just hate drunkenness and alcoholism, and all the crap that goes with them. Balance.
There's another 'normal' set in the works, about halfway done. I hope to have them ready soon, but I might just leave these up here for a little while to make sure they don't get buried by subsequent posts before some of you more infrequent visitors have a chance to see them. As always, enjoy the demotivators, show them to your friends, leave comments, and have a good one!


Demotivational Posters Round 36

Welcome back! I hope you enjoy the latest round of Demotivators. I finally found a way to treat certain subjects which have been on my mind but which would have been entirely too easy to screw up. I think I found a healthy balance on a couple of these. I have this set done and a start on a second set already. Special thanks this round go to my father and my friend Bryan for inspiration and disturbing quotations. Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year (I know, a tad tardy, but this is my closest post to the holidays). Don't forget to leave comments.