Demotivational Posters Round 49

        Special thanks this round go out to Jeph, my Dad, and all the idiots out there who make it possible to keep this blog going. Oh, and please take note: the first four demotivators posted here are my usual fare. The fifth is somewhat more crass and creepy than usual, and deserves to have special warning attached. Only view it if you have a robust sense of humor and are not easily offended. Slainte!

        STOP!!! I need you to stop here and be warned. This next one is in very poor taste. Seriously, even for me it's crass and creepy. Do not proceed past #4 if you are easily offended. If you do decide to view it, I don't want to hear any complaints, not even so I can say "I told you so". Proceed at your own risk and use your best judgment. You cannot say I didn't warn you.


Show Demotivator :

I told you so.

Stands the Christ Between the Heavens

Stands the Christ between the heavens
and the world which labors, cries;
One his right and full possession,
one the treasure he espies.
Intercessor for your glory
you have claimed the victory;
O'er our sins proclaim your triumph,
plead for us your tomb and tree.

Nailed between the scorn and glory,
struck down, hanged, and lifted high-
Hallelujah, O, Messiah!
Grant us life in you who died.
Bleeding Lamb, wide scourged, deep piercèd,
bright the crown on maimèd head,
keen your blade to cut the quick, and
strident roar to stir the dead.

Priest of priests, yourself the off'ring;
sprinkled blood on altar-horn,
sin and guilt and consecration,
bull and goat and lamb year-born.
Yet the bread of glad thanksgiving,
ere the first-fruit's pressèd oil,
still the horn of wine heart-gladd'ning,
worthy end of blessèd toil.

Sacrifice upon the altar,
debt and hope you satisfy-
Pouring blood below to cover,
pouring sweet smoke to the sky.
Jesus, God and man entire,
all-eternal clad in time;
Hail tem'rarious men your glory,
trembling angels wonder chime.

Word of God revealed, related,
ere the call on called man's tongue;
Yours the life we render freely,
joyous hymn by martyrs sung.
Pure, unblemished, and perfected,
heaped with with'ring scorn and filth;
Bloodstained, wash our crimson snowy,
one day, bloodstained, cleanse the earth.

Second dead at sin's insistence,
first of resurrection's sons,
least of all the right-hand earning,
Alpha and Omega, one!
Once a servant, heir of heaven:
occupying throne and hearts.
As your kingdom arms our spirits,
wrest our souls to Sabbath courts.

Jacob's lamb and Judah's lion,
gather us, your ransomed wealth,
'twixt your wings in rest eternal
where you lie down with yourself.
Triumph in your blood besprinkled,
bless us by that cursèd tree,
starve the grave, deny Gehenna,
wave your Name in victory!

7/13/12 A.M.D.G.
Ravus Caelum