On Your Stone I Will Stand 

On Your stone I will stand, where the strangling swell

and the bellows of care break upon Your good word - ­

raised to life by Your death, by Your scorning of Hell,

having stood, made to stand by the worth of the Lord.

On Your law I will dwell lest, mendacious, my urge

should prove ignorant, unto my loss, of Your good

ere Your grace in the mien of my will should emerge

to redeem what I do, transmutate what I would.

On Your Son I will gaze, though the umbrage of night

fills my sight with distractions, illusions of dread. ­

Yet the shade must dissolve, touched by fulminant light

dove-­descending, reflecting unveiled from my head.

On Your mount I will reign, where no Baal has been raised,

in the Name of the Firstborn enthroned; and my rod

shall point nations and kings to the dwelling of praise

where the merciful Christ sits as sovereign and God.