The Mountains of God 

Climb up, climb up priests anointed!
Zion soars before your gazes.
Called from Ur, called to this altar,
blow the ram's-horn, cry your praises.
Worship on the holy mountain
where your God has set foundations
for His witness and His triumph,
summoning all men and nations.

Climb up, climb up, smoke and thunder
break our pilgrim stride no longer.
Nay, the trumpet bids our progress;
guilt and fear to fear and wonder.
No more, death to tread in trespass -
rather, death below to waver.
Linger not in vale and shadow -
chase the prophet-spoken Savior.

Climb up, climb up men of battle,
heed the shofar call to violence.
Giants hold your promised dwellings -
charge their slopes in wrought defiance.
Mere grasshoppers, we shall own their
cities, vineyards, walls, and treasures.
God has raised them up to raze them,
pass to us their choicest pleasures.

Climb up, climb up faithful remnant;
deaf-mute imps defile high places.
Bend no knee to idle ash-whores,
spurn the lust of sin’s embraces.
Wisdom calls, her clarion echoes –
“Gold will fail, and cedars perish.”
Fire from heaven, proof of potence,
Must consume what follies cherish.

Climb up, climb up blessed and blessing:
Hear the living words betoken
vows of favor, faith to faithful,
oaths of hope to meek and broken.
From the heights blown-breath enjoins us
sacrifice what cannot merit -
seek and grasp grace-wrapped obedience;
humble, every world inherit.

Climb up, climb up dear disciples,
follow in your Master's power.
Tombs of priests and graves of prophets
counsel of the dwindling hour.
Know the signs and scorn the liars,
Share the cup, His bowl eluding.
Plead for souls in bondage stricken
ere our Master's trumps' concluding.

Climb up, climb up heirs of glory!
Zion soars before your gazes.
Joy and life and light and gold there
wait that soul the ram's-horn raises;
Hearts inflamed with celebration,
Spirits by cool liquors nourished,
Minds 'mid anvil-sparks illumined,
Flesh in flower, gilt and burnished.


Ravus, 1/8/13