Motivational Posters Round 26

More demotivators! Hip Hip Hooray! Sarcasm and irony are back in full swing here at the V&WO ranch. Judging from the abysmal lack of commentary on my last three posts, I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that these are what you people come here for? Please prove it - leave comments for me. Yes, Mother, you too. It's your maternal duty, like parent-teacher conferences and archiving naked-baby-pictures for Metalupis' and my wives.

On a somewhat lighter note, I am proud to announce that I have independent confirmation from three unrelated sources who tell me that my blog has been officially blocked by the Chinese government. Must have been the cracks I made in my first couple sets of demotivators about communism and buddhism. All I can say is that if I piss off one person, I've probably screwed up, but if I piss off an entire government and system of belief, I may be doing something very, very right. So, who out there is going to compile and publish these bad boys into a book for me to smuggle into China?

As always, leave comments, critiques, suggestions, righteous indignation, profane indignation, indigenous indignation, ingenuous indignation, or a wombat. . .er. . . .