Motivational Posters Round 26

More demotivators! Hip Hip Hooray! Sarcasm and irony are back in full swing here at the V&WO ranch. Judging from the abysmal lack of commentary on my last three posts, I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that these are what you people come here for? Please prove it - leave comments for me. Yes, Mother, you too. It's your maternal duty, like parent-teacher conferences and archiving naked-baby-pictures for Metalupis' and my wives.

On a somewhat lighter note, I am proud to announce that I have independent confirmation from three unrelated sources who tell me that my blog has been officially blocked by the Chinese government. Must have been the cracks I made in my first couple sets of demotivators about communism and buddhism. All I can say is that if I piss off one person, I've probably screwed up, but if I piss off an entire government and system of belief, I may be doing something very, very right. So, who out there is going to compile and publish these bad boys into a book for me to smuggle into China?

As always, leave comments, critiques, suggestions, righteous indignation, profane indignation, indigenous indignation, ingenuous indignation, or a wombat. . .er. . . .


Anonymous said...

Another fine round of posters. Still, I wonder if the ice cream gums up Vader's mask. Perhaps that's the reason he wheezes.

Russ said...

Congratulations on the blocking. And another great round of posters!


Meta said...

One comment I always liked about Astrology "Since the light takes so long to reach us that most of those stars are dead now, you are trying to see the future by looking into the past"

former freshman said...

Great posters, I especially like the one about pacifism.

jimbob the flying jackhammer said...

excellent. blocked by China. Very well, then, carry on!

Kristy said...

still laughing at the PMS one. Beauty!

Cathy said...

OK, OK The mom is back.
Would you like me to post a few of those cute little kid pics of you?
As usua,l I like your posters, but also as usual, I am a sick puppy also. Couldn't you use the Darth Kitty picture opposite the Darth Vader pic? I have a problem with the ice cream cone. How does he eat it? Shove it through the little slots and then use the Force to clean up? Nah. Not a big bad guy sort of activity plus lousy mental picture.

Laura said...

John - you hit PMS on the head :) I'm gonna miss you and Kari. Email me so I can put you on my list :)

Cade - Your hunble servant said...


Astrology is good.

Congrats on your censorship.

Let me know how it is you're supposed to find out what blogs/sites have been banned by the Chinese gov't.

Maybe we should start a banned website revolution.

yeah! Go against the grain! Offend...people!

I love it.

I don't like pacifism though. I agree with what you say in the caption, but connecting that with pacifism is not accurate.

The photo is amazing though. Reminds me of when the Springfield PD shot a flower into Homer Simpson's head. classic.

I know this is beating a dead horse, but we need to come visit you sometime before Jesus returns. Agree?

Home Away from Home. said...

Awesome additions, I so love when you post stuff. I love the Vader. Actually, I love all of it. :)

Blocked by China. :) hmmmm well it's the internet and I'm sure they'll find a way to make it come through.

Happy your posting. I'm definitely sending your url to a few friends I know who will appericate your efforts. :)
Take Care.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan P. Sanford,

This is the Chinese Government. You have caused great offense to our glorious homeland and fine tradition of human and animal rights violations. In retaliation, we shall continue to ship endless supplies of cheap junk to your country.



Lys said...

I'm fresh out of wombats. Would you accept a Komodo dragon or a koala instead?