Unless My Sins

Unless My Sins

If my sins have not nailed You to the cross
(O! Christ! O! Precious Christ!) 
they surely yet adhere me fast to Hell. 
I cannot purchase grace, nor due wrath sell 
(My God! Most Holy God!). 
Your mercy spends my guilt – what happy loss! 

You are enthroned where mercy, justice kiss
(O! Christ! O! Son of God!) 
upon the crux of imputation, crowned 
unendingly, made worthy by Your wound 
(O slaughtered, living Lamb!) 
to open Glory’s gates, seal the Abyss. 

Confession on our tongues is blood and bread
(O! Christ! O! Sacrifice!) 
spilt, split for souls undone by faith ill-spent. 
True faith bestow, inspirit to repent 
(O! Spirit! Holy Ghost!) 
and find sin’s death in our undying Head. 

Quitclaim, my soul, your striving, sin, your self,
(O! ever-hungry beast!) 
all fork-tongued accusation. In His death 
Christ robbed your trespasses of bitter breath, 
(O! Christ! Victorious!) 
there left them, gathered you unto Himself. 

Lord Jesus, sanctify this mystery
(O! Christ! Revealing Light!) 
in me – this righteous covenant of wine, 
all joy of faith, eternal life, none mine 
(O! Just and Merciful!) 
save that my sins have nailed You to the Tree.