Guest Demotivators

A friend of mine recently decided to have some fun with the Motivational Poster Generator I link to, here on the blog. These are his efforts, which he requested I post anonymously. I think he did a great job, and I hope you enjoy them.

More of my demotivators are on the way (4 done, just want to get one more for a full set). Thank you to those who have left messages encouraging me to post again. Also, if you haven't noticed, I've updated the lists of blogs and comics I enjoy, and will be modifying them more here in the coming weeks.


Jennifer said...

These were quite good. I especially liked Televangelism and Koalas.

Anonymous said...

HI son,
It has been awhile since I 'set foot' inside the gallery. It is going well I see. I truly liked the one about demotivational posters. Your guest ones were good as well. Do I know the creator? But perhaps it is about time to shake off the angst and get onto mercy, joy and grace.
Start acting on your knowledge in a positive way.
Ever the Mom who loves and cares about you and your physical and spiritual well-being.

Cade - Your hunble servant said...






Lys said...

Televangelism...too too true. You should look for a Benny Hinn video on YouTube set to "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor". Wait, who am I kidding...you've probably already seen it. :) (With my luck, you're the one who MADE it.)