Motivational Posters Round 31

I am becoming convinced that MediaCom and RentIowaTech hold a contradictory view on my natural, God-given right to attempt to fry my own computer. Now many of you know that the internet service I "receive" through these two entities sucks to begin with. However, I've come to notice a disturbing pattern. Every time a storm of any significance comes through town, I am guaranteed to completely lose service, at my provider's end of things, not mine, for a minimum of twelve hours. I envision in my head an ugly hack combining a doppler radar, an enormous knife-switch, and a half-eaten tuna and gorgonzola sammich.
Anywho, new demotivators are up, obviously. If you take the time to read this, please note that immediately below this post is a set of newly-posted collaboration demotivators as well, likely pushed off the bottom of your screen by this posting. Check them out. Unless you live in Nebraska, and like it there, chances are you'll enjoy them. My collaborator and I certainly had fun making them.
As always, leave comments (for both my set and the collaborative effort) to let us know you stopped by. We appreciate the feedback. No, not that kind of feedback. . .(throws giant knife-switch attached to a sound-board, speakers, and a half-eaten peanut-butter-and-pickle sammich ).


Cathy said...

Hi Jon, Pretty nice set. Although i think I am missing something on the Experience poster. Sigh. Loved the Glamour. The rich seem to be the least qualified to dictate taste.

iDesignz said...

Good stuff this round Jon. I especially enjoyed "Contingencies" and "2nd Amendment". Keep up the good work.