No Half-Heart Love

No Half-Heart Love

Do not regard great Sodom so, my friend;
no half-heart love will 'scape the angel's rain.
The double-minded soul cleaves not in twain;
drags all to bitter dust in bitter end.

My brother, do not grasp at ash and salt;
set full your eye on Zoar as you flee.
No half-heart love will enter rest, nor be
accounted on the Lord's day free of fault.

Do not, dear soul, disdain the warning word,
nor so esteem your grave-goods laid in lust.
God's vengeance, much as grace, deserves full trust;
no half-heart love glad hails the holy Lord.

My son, flee the destruction coming, pent
longsuffering against a loveless rule.
A half-heart love possesses every fool
who, hearing, yet refuses to repent.

Do not, belov'd, mistake Gomorrah's lights
for aught but conflagration, ruin, death.
The half-heart love is chaff before the breath
of Him who calls whole hearts to mountain heights.




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