Be Jealous

Be Jealous

Thy jealousy befits Thee, Groom,
and zeal for Thine intended.
She is Thy glory, meant to bloom
as faithfully attended.
Her raiment is Thine arete
imputed for her cover,
and she adorns the chaste array
of her one Lord and Lover.

The swarming locust would devour,
consume, with naught remaining;
would strip immodest in fell hour,
then over-heap with shaming.
The covenant upon Thy breath
grants to Thy bride assurance -
Thy Word condemns their horde to death,
securing her endurance.

The roving lion tears and rends;
he roars and, birthing terror,
seeks shadowed souls to apprehend
by piercing doubt and error.
O! tender Shepherd seize his beard -
smite, shatter teeth asunder!
Draw forth from carcass once-afear'd
a sweet eye-brightening plunder.

The scarlet dragon stalks Thy bride,
her scion son to swallow.
He vomits forth a mighty tide
and crowns the beasts which follow.
Descend his chain from Heaven's vault,
stoke high his due infernal.
Shield us against his wroth assault,
enfold our souls eternal.

Be jealous for our sake and Thine,
Thou long-anticipated,
until we drink the wedding wine,
in ardor consummated.
Stay tyrant, rogue, and fiend without
in hungry night and hollow -
Just, bitter tears to slake their drought,
naught save their tongues to swallow.


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