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Attend, ye gods!                                                  
                               How wise, how wise are we!
to read “shall not” and hear, unsaid, “except.”
We have divined such grace as may accept
what elders, weak of conscience, could but flee.

Sit at our feet, ye wise!                                     
                                                        For tyranny
is born of certitude! Ought tales of Hell
not breed a fruitful doubt, or judgment quell
when truth of circumstance shall set you free?

Give praise, ye saints!                                     
                                          Who grasp the mystery
to overcome that last persistent sin
of loving not one's truest self within.
Choose blessings worthy of your jubilee!

In nomine God's liberality,
tolerant Christ, and Spirit's bonhomie.


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L ot L said...

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At first, I read it and scowled a disappointed "hrmmmm" and then I noted that it was sarcasm and was like "Oh, gotcha, that is pretty cool after all."