Psalm 43

Psalm 43

Vindicate me, God Almighty, deliver me -
there is a nation that honors You not,
there is a man of deceit, and false-wrought.
Plead for my soul against all their calamity!

You are the God of my Strength! Tell me, why have You
cast out, rejected your servant made low?
Why must I mourn, and know intimate woe
under the yoke of my enemy bound anew?

Send out Your light and Your truth; I will guided be
up to the hill You have hallowed and held,
into the tent where Your presence has dwelled.
Draw me in Truth, by Your light only may I see.

I will draw near to the altar of God Most High:
He is the joy overflowing my cup!
Play on the lyre, and in praise lift Him up!
You, my God! Only God! O, my God! Hear my cry!

Why do you groan in despair in my innermost?
What has disturbed you, my soul? Give Him praise
whom you have trusted, again, who has raised
light to your countenance, God of all heaven's host!


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