The Armies of the Lord

The Armies of the Lord

See! The LORD conscripts His armies' might,
assembles His sworn banner-men to fight!
All earthly force His due,
all heav'nly ranks to war! Unto
His purposes they march, as just His right.

Swarming fleas and flies to choke and blind -
He flooded foes, and none could respite find.
His locusts stripped the land,
and frogs enveiled at His command,
consuming all whereof He had the mind.

Wroth, He summoned forth a black-flamed ghost,
and left no aping sorcerer his boast.
Each firstborn life cut down
from utter calf to princely crown;
unstoppable, one hand His vengeful host.

Raised, great Pharaoh's chariot and horse
were sent to set the Tribes their promised course.
God purposed not to slay
His own but, that remembered day,
to feast His fish with such a mighty force.

See! the armies of the LORD are raised
against the hardened heart withholding praise!
No power may refuse
but is expent as He may choose -
life, e'en in death, exalts Him endless days.


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