Demotivational Posters Round 43

I've gone the last couple of posts without saying anything. This is fine. I think it's okay to let my posters speak for themselves, in general. And, yet, I think sometimes it's good to hear a human voice behind the sterile cynicism of these demotivators, so I'm going to blather on here for a minute about inconsequential things.
First, be fairly warned: One or another post in this set will offend you or someone you know. As that was one of my stated purposes for the existence of this blog, I'm not apologizing for it. If anything, this means that I win! But you should be forewarned nonetheless. I hope it makes you think about what offends you and why. Few of these posters are as shallow as they first appear.
Secondly, I need to reiterate some points about the creation of these posters. Every one I post, unless specifically noted as a guest posting, is my own creative work. The artwork or photographs are not my work - I steal them wherever I can find them. The essence of what is said is rarely philosophically unique or novel. But these are my creations. The specific wording and pairing with an image is my handiwork alone. I do not aggregate posters that I find elsewhere on the internet, and if you see a poster from this blog elsewhere, then it is because it has been copied from here. That being said, if you want to steal posters from here and repost them, go ahead. If you want to print them out and hang them up, go ahead. If you want to have the print shop on the corner do up a full size job which you use to replace the boring, asinine motivational poster in your university's computer lab. . .well, you wouldn't be the first, but I still think it's a terrific idea. Just give me some credit if anyone asks.
Nextly, leave comments. They're fun to read, and they're always a big encouragement for me to keep doing these. Posts that get more comments from spam-bots than people are just depressing. I know it's more work than to 'like' something on facebook or re-tweet something, but that extra effort makes it so much more worthwhile, don't you think? Ah, who am I kidding? You haven't even read this far. . .
Otherly, congratulations to the Green Bay Packers, my team! That was a nail-biter game, but you pulled it out, and I'm so glad to be a fan of such a classy, hardworking team. Go, Pack, Go!
Tangentially, Google tells me that I have ten followers. I think that means I need two more for a complete set. /duck
Incidentally, including this set and counting all five "alcoholism" demotivators I did as separate posters, I've created nearly 200 original demotivational posters, and including guest posts I've published over 200. Maybe I'll do something special for #200 on my next post. Suggestions?
Lastly, I'm forgetting something. It's lurking around in the crevices of my skull, waiting for me to hit "post" before making itself plain to my memory. Oh well. I suppose I can always edit. Thanks for coming by, and I'll see you again soon.


Cathy said...

I was amused by the KKK robes. The fantasy football was my favorite poster though, probably because of the season. For the 200th??? something on seeming wise when one keeps silent. or how the wise are known by their few, well chosen words.

mersayochan said...

Congrats. You have 12 followers.

Lys said...

You were always good at offending people in just the right amount to make them defensive...then you'd smack them between the eyes with a deep, thought-provoking question, and they'd be rendered speechless until they could produce an actual answer as opposed to an emotional reaction.

#200? How can you sum up your genius in just one post? Unless, of course, you make it an extra large image...hrm.

Salaried said...

Fantasy Football made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Offending people is wonderful. I fully support you continuing!