Something Different (2)

More demotivational posters are in the works. . .hopefully I'll get them posted within the week. Ere then I have some other things which need to be posted. A poem which I found which I think a few of you will appreciate, a drinking song which I wrote which I know many of you will get a kick out of, and one or two other things. Enjoy, and (as always) comment.

Drinking Song:

Olde Sacred Heart

Well, for forty years and forty more my mum (God bless her heart)

has faithfully parishoned at Our Savior's Sacred Heart,

through bishops, priests and rectors, through confessions, lent, and mass,

more permanent a fixture than the chapel's lead-stained glass.

But me, I've got more wanderlust than Heaven should permit,

and every chance to travel has me chomping at the bit.

And, though my mum may still be found interred at Sacred Heart,

it wasn't very long before this pilgrim did depart.

I was christened at Saint Peter's and was baptized at Saint Paul's,

confirmed in good Saint Christopher's revered and hallowed halls.

I married in Saint Mary's and, upon the day I die,

beneath the stones of Benedict's is where my corpse will lie.

I've taken of the Eucharist in seventeen Assumptions

and genuflected in two score Immaculate Conceptions.

I've crossed myself in Holy Cross in seven diocese,

said pater noster at twelve sets of Queen of Heaven's knees.

Saint Paddy's in Chicago and Saint Paddy's in New York,

Saint James' in bonnie London-town, Saint Augustine's in Cork,

Saint Wenceslaus, Saint Boniface, Saint Bridgette's and Saint Joe's,

Saint Francis of Assisi and the Abbey of Ambrose.

Of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and John, a score of ten apiece,

full thirty Notre Dames (of those but two Our Lady Peace).

Confessed at nine Annunciates and blessed at six Saint Anne's,

in five Saint Michaels fondled every relic that you can.

Immanuels are plentiful, in eight I've said Hail Marys.

In three Saint Cyril's I've received indulgence quite plenary.

I've thirty rosaries, one from each Saint Teresa seen,

and in Saint Tom Aquinas on six continents I've been.

Basilicas, cathedrals, monasteries, chapels, shrines,

and every country parish that would serve me bread and wine.

I've gone as far and wide as any faithful pilgrim can,

for all my years you know I've been a Roamin' Catholic man!

- Ravus Caelum

note: for anyone who's interested, the intended tune is "Seven Deadly Sins" by Flogging Molly


Anonymous said...

This still needs to be practiced and sung a cappella style.


Cade - Your hunble servant said...

I love it! Though considering the calibour of some of the language, I'm not sure a crowd of hazy drinkers could pull it off. ;)

Steve Dustcircle said...

Yea, Eva Green is pretty cute. She was good in The Dreamers. It's rated NC17, so I'm not sure if it's your thing, but it wasn't a grossly terrible movie. Very cute girl.