Motivational Posters Round 25

New Demotivators! Yay! Or groan, depending on your point of view, I suppose. Two quick notes: First, my apologies to St. Patrick. Second, for those of you who might feel uncomfortable about the picture used for my porn demotivator, I assure you that it is an image of four fully clothed individuals skillfully pixilated for me by the ever-reliable Mr. Schulteis. No pornography was viewed in the making of this demotivational picture.

As always, ever, and anon, please leave comments. Feel free to share me with your friends (yes, that was a shameless plug. I'm looking forward to breaking 20 comments on a post someday).

More to come. . .sometime. . . .take it easy, and enjoy the weather!


Jason Ekstrand said...

I like it, especially the one about college.

Anonymous said...

Jon, the piercing one is great. Also, the picture of St. Paddy is super. As a biologist, his quote rocks!

-Earning my 10 cents.

Anonymous said...

Hrm... interesting demotivators. Still say you should find the microsoft cell phone.

laura mac said...

Bravo Jon :) You've done it again. St. Patrick - he's the man!

True story on the college stuff. I'm getting pretty good at jumping through hoops - can you really get a job doing that? How much does that pay?

I miss you Jon. Send my love to Kari! Hopefully I'll see you two before I leave Iowa forever and move to Romania :)

Cade - Your hunble servant said...


Piercings is great.

If you haven't done it already, do Indie music. Piercings made me think of that--meaning that the establishment has taken over the genre. I dont't know.

much love

Alex said...

Fantastic Jon, my favorite is genuine advantage. Keep up the good work.

Michelle said...

Another awesome set Jon! I especially like the piercing one. If you plan to do one on Astrology, please let me know.

Home Away from Home. said...

As always another awesome job! :) The college one is sooooo true. I like St. Pat but I'm not too sure about those piercings. But whatever floats one boat. ;) Thanks again for sharing. Take Care.

Cade - Your hunble servant said...

Missed you guys this weekend.

Happy b-day Kari.

Steve Dustcircle said...

That's classick. Awesome stuff.